Emerald Empire Area Council

2095 Yolanda St., Springfield, OR 97477
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If you ever thought you would like to dance, but felt you had two left feet, or maybe youCommunity Dance feel that it may be too expensive, you should contact us about Modern Square Dance. Come to our Community Dance on December 29th to find out how much fun this is and how easy it is to learn. Whether you are a gal or a guy, a couple, or a group who are looking for a new group activity, check us out.

We have new lessons starting Wednesday, January 3, 2018. You don't need to knLessons Flyerow anything about square dancing to enjoy this dance. It is great fun in a tobacco, alcohol, and drug free environment. This is for the whole family. We welcome children age 9 and up.

For our current class of new dancers, we have two new dancer dances in DecemberMainstream and Mainstream lessons starting the week after Basic lessons end. The Mainstream moves are not anymore difficult to learn than the Basic moves. For more information on this, click the image at the right.

We have lessons and dancing for several different types of choreographed dance, including: