Emerald Empire Area Council

2095 Yolanda St., Springfield, OR 97477

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Where's the Dance - Worldwide listing of where to square dance.

www.usda.org - United Square Dancers of America, or USDA, a world-wide group of square dance organizations that provides our liability insurance.

www.arts-dance.org - Alliance for Round, Traditional, and Square Dance, a new group of square dance organizations aimed at dance advocacy.

www.dosado.com/callerscuers - Nationwide list of callers with email addresses.

Oregon Round Dance Teachers Assn (ORDTA) - Resource for round dance cuers.

www.ceder.net/links/view.php4 - A collection of square dance links.

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www.nsdca.org - National Square Dance Camper Association.

www.squaredancesewing.com/ - Information about sewing for square dancers.

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